Thursday, 17 June 2010

BT? More like BS

So I have an iPad, but I don't really take it out much. I actually do use it for work every so often, and there's a wifi hotspot at Birmingham Airport which I could use to pick up weather maps, Volcanic Ash forecasts and the like.

This morning I thought it might be an idea to sign up for a BT Open Zone account. But when I entered my details their credit check company couldn't find me. I didn't fail their check, they simply couldn't find me. At an address with BT phone and broadband services where I have lived for 6 years.
And why in God's name do they need a credit check? I want to download a couple of emails, not apply for a farking mortgage!

There was a number to call in case of a problem, 0800 169 1397.

Unfortunately, this is their business sales team, who seemed rather annoyed that I had the temerity to have been directed to the wrong department. They fobbed me off with various incorrect phone numbers to try to get rid of me, but I always ended up redirected to their department. I lost my temper when one of them gave me a premium rate number to call.

I have some questions for BT.
Do you want me to use your services?
Why do you need a credit check for what will amount to maybe 3 quid a month?
Why are the credit company you use incapable of finding one of your own customers?
Why is the helpline number on your website incorrect?
Why are your business sales team so reluctant to help sell your services?
If this is how you handle a simple sale, why have I entrusted my phone and broadband to your care?

A couple of weeks ago I blogged about excellent customer service. Why can't it always be like that?

I have a day off on Monday, and there's an O2 shop and an Orange shop over the road. And I may give Sky a ring, too.

- Blogged from my iPad

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